Building an Aspirational Lifestyle for Later Life

Faced with a generation who notoriously reject the “active-adult” concept, Skyestone needed to build a brand that would resonate in the hearts and minds of 55+ homebuyers. They needed to create a lifestyle around the ideals of the community, building an aspirational and engaging vision that extended beyond building homes – to building lives.

This challenge required a pivot away from the Taylor Morrison brand, without losing the impact of their reputation. Skyestone needed to be a fresh approach to senior living, a continuation of a distinctly Colorado way of life. They needed to address the prospect of a 55+ community in a way which would inspire without alienating, and celebrate activity throughout the retirement age target market.




Understanding the connotations of being over 55 led us to draw inspiration from the more positive idea of being “greater than”. Ensuring this community was incensed by ramping up to retirement rather than winding down, and leaning on the connotations of being, or aspiring to be “greater”, aligned with the goals of Skyestone. This created the perfect segue into discussion of the community and lifestyle.



We carefully set direction around visual and verbal expressions that balance a sense of energy with grounded, natural settings. We set about building a brand platform, consumer segmentation strategy and brand name. Creating parallels between age and an active adjective moved focus onto more than numbers, fusing the emotive and the practicality of the brand.


The Skyestone identity is reflective of the unique landscape, culture and heart of Colorado. The logo has a sense of freedom and gravity. We centered the colors around a vibrant green that brings a feeling of energy to the system.



A variety of materials supported the marketing and pre-sales effort. The brand was built out through brochures, conceptual renderings, trade show graphics and a website. These forged the way to a strong, distinct community identity.

The work was highly recognized at the Marketing and Merchandising Excellence showcase, winning multiple awards:

Advertising Campaign
for a Community


 “Their vision and approach truly brought the new community to life.”

-Erin Boggs Willis, Real Estate Strategy Consultant and Former Corporate Director, Investor Relations and Communications, Taylor Morrison


Douglas Fredrikson Architects


2016 MAME Awards
“Best Overall Advertising Campaign”
“Community of the Year”
“Best Brochure”
“Best Website for a Community”