Embracing Heritage to Ensure the Future


Glen Eyrie faced challenges while attempting to find a common thread through all of their diverse offerings. As a historic landmark comprising a boutique hotel, conference and retreat center, they needed to position themselves as a destination without losing any history or legacy.




Through closely investigating the reasons behind repeat visits, we uncovered the centric idea of ‘drawing closer to what matters’. This theme was applicable to all of the offerings of Glen Eyrie, and framed it as a place of respite — tucked away from the hustle of the world, and providing a feeling of escape to another time.



The logo and visual identity of Glen Eyrie needed some updates to reflect the story now being told across the brand. Referencing the equity that existed in their previous logo, clarifying brand colors, and adding a storytelling element ensured the brand would continue to be relevant and cohesive.


We developed a simple quick reference guide for the brand to provide a sense of ownership and understanding within the Glen Eyrie team. Creating guidelines for use of imagery, type, and color, and evoking the intertwining history and adventure that is intrinsic to Glen Eyrie ensured that all resources and brand communications could be consistent going forward.


“SIGNAL didn’t just give us the tools we needed, they equipped us with the most effective ways to use them.”
-Jack McQueeney, Director of The Glen Eyrie Group