Why Your Brand Needs to Stand Out

Independence (noun): The quality or state of being independent, defined as: not subject to control by others; not requiring or relying on others; showing a desire for freedom.

Independence is rooted in the celebration of yourself and others — always uniting, never dividing. Being brave enough to express your own voice while empowering your audience’s voice, paves the way for deeper and more meaningful bonds with your consumers, partners, and employees.

Standing out is sometimes about being brave enough to take a stand around what’s yours to own. The most powerful, independent brands know exactly what they stand for — and know how to signal it in all they show, say, and do across their total brand experience.

What does Independence look like?
  • Images communicate a sense of “doing this your own way”, while taking part in something bigger than yourself.
  • Color, shape, and messaging represent bold choices made with passion and clear intent.
  • Rich hues and neutrals found in nature, with a pop of vibrancy or contrast.
  • Highly textural, with layers, detail and value/shade variation highlighted.
  • Bold, stable typography that’s expressive in texture, color, or composition.
  • Fluid, organic shapes that are grounded by strong yet simple compositions.

See other examples that visually signal independence.


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