The Importance of Hospitality in Branding

Hospitality (noun): Generous and cordial reception of guests; friendly welcome; offer of a pleasant or sustaining environment; readily receptive.

Hospitality is all about the commitment to making people feel welcome and comfortable, which enhances experiences and deepens personal connections. With your brand, every point of contact is inherently an opportunity to exude hospitality — which heightens engagement and evokes genuine emotional responses, leaving consumers feeling understood, appreciated, and cared for.

Regardless of what you or your organization stands for, infusing hospitality into all of your brand experiences can lead to happier, more connected, and more productive clients and consumers — and that can mean only good things for your brand! See more of what hospitality can do for your brand.

What does signaling Hospitality look like?
  • Content and visuals feel warm, approachable, and friendly, yet sophisticated and promising of an easy, refreshing experience.
  • Soft, neutral colors in a mix of warm and cool hues that are energized by teal and golden jewel tones.
  • Intentionally cropped compositions that focus on a moment.
  • Rich mixes and juxtaposition of textures.
  • Fluid, curving shapes and complementary angles that are organic yet structured.
  • Repetition of line and shape that either offsets or changes.
  • Clear, soft ambient light with not too much contrast and occasional pops of warm radiant light that adds vitality.
  • Open, authentic smiles and relaxed body language that feels welcoming and never closed off or defensive.


See other examples that visually signal hospitality.

Who’s signaling hospitality?

Brands and organizations can signal hospitality in many different ways. Check out these notable examples of brands focusing on hospitality-forward experiences while maintaining their own distinct brand presence.


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