Signal // Triumph

Triumph (noun): The joy or exultation of victory or success; a notable success.

General George S. Patton said, “Accept the challenges, so that you may feel the exhileration of victory.”

A true connection with your customers is an energy that emanates from your organization and is felt by the audiences who matter the most. They don’t need to be asked or told to do something in response — they want to do it and will seek action. Triumph has always connected in people’s hearts and minds, but its meaning today has shifted. As consumer values change and evolve, triumph has become a state of being rather than an outcome of success. To signal triumph successfully, this shift must be not only understood, but embodied.

What does triumph look like?
  • Bold moments or statements that feel intentional.
  • Strong upward angles in shapes, composition, or type.
  • Exaggerated height and/or drama.
  • Strong, clear color statements with high contrast; not complex.
  • Order or repetition is present, with bold movement or violation that creates energy.
  • Type, shapes, and photographic elements interact or intersect, creating depth and dimension.

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Who’s signaling triumph?

In 2012, Gatorade updated their brand messaging. After a number of criticized re-brands and campaigns, they pushed forward an effort to streamline the brand and focus on educating their core audience. They released a new tagline: “Win from within.” This immediately connected and captured today’s values better than the previous tagline, “Is it in you?”, which implies that you either have what it takes, or you don’t. “Win from within” speaks to everybody, regardless of talent, ability, or capability. It says that winning is a choice that is made — and each of us can make that choice.

This change of track is evident when comparing brand expressions before and after the shift.

We feel triumph much more clearly in the newer commercial because Gatorade has succeeded in aligning their true purpose to what people believe in today.

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