Signal // Progress

“In winter, I plot and plan. In Spring, I move.” – Henry Rollins

Progress, when defined as forward or onward movement (as to an objective or goal), or gradual betterment, is a concept that most consumers like to see signaled. It’s not change for change’s sake — it’s continuing to make steps and moving with your most valuable audience, no matter how large or small the steps may be.

It’s not a straight path. It’s a journey full of challenges and opportunities that drive growth and forward movement toward something bigger and better than where you currently are. As consumer values and market needs continue to evolve, it’s vital to move your brand forward while staying true to who you are. A challenge indeed.

Movement is often synonymous with change, and simply the idea of change can freeze an organization in it’s tracks. But with planning, intentional moves, and embracing a fluid, on-going path, we can stay truly connected to our audiences.

What does it look like to signal progress?
  • Evolving, iterative movement in shapes and lines.
  • Movement or direction that is organic; repetition is a foundation, not a contraint.
  • Transparency and/or overlaps in shapes and color.
  • Bold use of negative space; lots of breathing room to balance complexity of color and texture.
  • Fresh, vibrant, contemporary colors.
  • Clean, classic typography with creative touches.

Find other examples of visually signaling progress here.

Who’s signaling progress?

Organizations across the globe are embracing progress as a journey of improvement and inclusion. This article published by the New York Times gives an in-depth look at products and services that are designed to be used and embraced by all, without sacrificing quality. The New York Times article How Design for One Turns Into Designs for All collects some great examples of signaling progress in a manner that’s relevant to today’s culture.

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