No matter what your brand or business goals, we’ll leverage our proven methodologies to illuminate what’s yours to own, equip your people to live it out with contagious enthusiasm, and compel your audiences to engage like never before.

Our process will even help you unearth opportunities you never knew you had and take your brand places you never realized it could go.

Discover what sets you apart.

True, Meaningful, Different

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We’ll start by unearthing what is genuinely True to who you are, what is most Meaningful to you target audiences (the ones you have and the ones you want), and what makes you dramatically Different from competitive choices. We transform data into insights to identify the brand opportunity and real competitive advantage for your organization.

  • Qualitative & Quantitative Research
  • Communication & Competitive Audits
  • Consumer Trending
  • Audience Profiles
  • Market Opportunity Analysis
  • TMD Insights™

Define what you stand for.

Brand Platform & Signals

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We work with you to identify the perceptions that are yours to own in the hearts and minds of your target audiences, and the promise you’ll make to all who engage with you — and shape it into the brand story you’ll be proud to share.

We also set your Brand Signals™ — the powerful visual, verbal, behavioral, and other sensory cues that reinforce what’s yours to own across all you show, say, and do — automatically, at a glance.

  • Brand Strategy & Positioning
  • Brand Signals™
  • Brand Architecture
  • Brand Storytelling
  • Message Mapping

Express your brand.

Signal What You Stand For

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Business transformation doesn’t come without brand evolution — so it’s time to turn your brand story into reality. We leverage your Brand Platform and Brand Signals to create the building blocks of a total brand experience — whatever you need to breathe life into your brand so it connects and resonates inside and outside your organization.

For some of our clients, it’s the beautiful, powerful, meaningful brand identity and supporting elements that bring to life your meaning, your ethos, and your one-of-a-kind uniqueness. For others, it’s a wholly reimagined brand-driven experience, product line, or business concept that connects your brand to a whole new audience. Whatever your brand needs, we’ll help you build it.

  • Naming & Taglines
  • Brand Identity Systems
  • Brand Look, Feel, Voice & Messaging
  • Branded Environments & Experience Creation
  • Brand-Driven Product & Business Model Development
  • Corporate & Creative Assets (print, digital, video)

your team.

Brand Roll-In

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Build contagious enthusiasm among your people by empowering them to live out the brand in all they say and do. Our brand roll-in training, workshops, and toolkits will cultivate brand knowledge, passion, and ownership in all quarters of your organization.

  • Brand Education Programs
  • Brand Application Training for SMEs (marketing, creative, sales, HR, and more)
  • Board of Directors Education Programs
  • Brand Alignment & Flexibility Tools
  • Brand Standards & Style Guides

Lead your organization.

Bring Your Brand to Life

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Empowering you in your job is our passion. We’ll help guide you in bringing your brand to life, empowering those around you, and supporting you in brand initiatives as little or as much as you want — for as long as you need.

We believe brand is about business. We work with you to create the actionable and lasting programs you need to achieve the market outcomes you desire.

  • Brand Launch Planning & Campaigns
  • Brand Experiences & Events
  • Brand-Driven Product & Service Line Extension
  • Brand Management & Leadership Mentoring
  • Brand Benchmarking & Health Checks
  • Real-time Consumer Insights

“Cheryl and her team make brand work actionable and useful — far beyond the marketing function often associated with branding. SIGNAL’s rigor in research and ability to define a brand through their unique platform format — which then serves as a cohesive filter for experiential, operational, and financial decisions — has proven an effective tool and ‘North Star’ to our restaurant work.”
Julia Heyer — Principal Restaurant Consultant, Heyer Performance