The Making Of – Kegs with Legs Poster Graphic

“At SIGNAL, we mix drinks, not messages.”

As we geared up for hosting the Ad 2 Colorado Kegs with Legs on the night of August 9th, we were tasked with coming up with our own theme and poster design. We kept it simple and clear, centering around our promise, Signal What You Stand For.

We caught up with our lead designer on the project, Chris Vicente, to learn more about the evolution and progression that led to the final concept for the event.

Chris Vicente, Graphic Designer

SIGNAL: Tell us about the goals of the project and the solution the team came up with?

Chris: The main goal for this event was to create an enticing poster that stayed true to the SIGNAL brand. We wanted to use it as an opportunity to not only get people excited but introduce ourselves in a way that was crystal clear on what we are all about.

SIGNAL: What steps did you take in getting started?

Chris: After the kickoff meeting, I always start with research. The name of the event has a lot of imagery that easily pops into mind, so I started with an inspiration dump that included previous posters that had been created, word associations around Kegs with Legs, and words we wanted to signal to the people who would be attending.

SIGNAL: Talk to us a little about the first round of designs and the thinking that went into these?

Chris: The idea was to signal clarity and be clear, in a literal sense, around the main appeal to come to this event. For us, that simply met a fun night with free drinks. While there were other activities and fun things planned for the event, focusing on one thing left some mystery for the rest of the event when they arrived.

SIGNAL: How did this first round of ideas evolve to the final design?

Chris: We were on track as far the idea of being clear around our messaging, but the literal approach was feeling a tad impersonal. The style of the graphics stayed true to the original, we just added a bit more of a personal touch and appeal to the messaging that tied in our belief that clarity is king in the branding world.

SIGNAL: How do you incorporate feedback into your iterations and revisions?

Chris: The team is fairly straightforward with what they are resonating with and what feels off. They give great detail around what they think needs to be tweaked, so I take their feedback and implement it right away. I always try to keep their ideas in the new iterations, while continuing to push my style.

SIGNAL: Who came up with the mixed drink message?

Chris: Jeremy, our Creative Director, has a way with words. Together we worked on the visuals and concept, but the idea around “we mix drinks, not messages” was super clever and has Jeremy written all over it. It also was perfect because we were creating our very own custom cocktail for the event.

Our custom crafted SIGNAL Cocktail. Goal #1: Match our brand color. Goal #2: Taste good.

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