Moving Beyond Failure: An Evening with Warwick Fairfax

The way you respond to your worst moments can define who you are at your best as a leader.

This was the conversation as media mogul turned leadership coach Warwick Fairfax joined us for the evening and brought our guests to the edge of their seats as he shared his dramatic story.

Warwick Fairfax was only in his twenties when he lost a $2.25 billion media company that included the biggest newspapers in Australia, plus television stations, radio stations, magazines, and newsprint mills. They called it “The Fall of Fairfax.” A 150-year-old family media empire — gone.

The epic loss and the fallout that ensued eventually led Warwick to a philosophy of leadership that is rooted in something everyone in the room that night could relate to: failure. For the last two years, SIGNAL.csk has had the honor of working alongside Warwick as he’s shaped his story and brand into what it is today. Crucible Leadership is a powerful testament to the fact that life is rarely a journey of endless success. The reality is that so many of us have faced crucible moments of our own — painful experiences in our lives when we have experienced failure or faced a terrible loss. These trials can create a crossroads where we can wallow in our setbacks — or we can turn toward a life of significance.

We couldn’t have been more excited to be in the room as Warwick unveiled his story and philosophical approach to leadership in public for the very first time. The chairs were full, the food was great, and the conversation was inspiring. It was a wonderful and successful evening for all!

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