Cocktails and Conversation with Dr. Glenn Williams

“Success doesn’t have to come at the expense of something important to you.”   

Words from renowned global leadership coach Dr. Glenn Williams that our team here at SIGNAL.csk couldn’t agree more with. On the evening of May 3rd, we had the pleasure of hosting our dear friend and long-time client for a discussion around harnessing the power of leadership alignment.


Dr. Glenn Williams is CEO of LCP Global Pty Ltd (formerly Outward Looking International) since founding the company in the U.S. in 2010. The Leadership Capacity Program™ is a strategic, systematic approach to leadership development rooted in the belief that success doesn’t have to come at the expense of something important to you. It’s a remarkable program that establishes a foundation of competencies — the 5 Leadership Anchors™ — which aligns a leader’s relationships, motivational drivers, values, decision making, and goals across their professional and personal lives.

As Glenn captivated our packed house of attendees with his own personal story and examples around the 5 Leadership Anchors™, we couldn’t help but be honored to work alongside such an inspiring individual who is helping executive leaders all around the world create a whole new trajectory and future for themselves and those around them. And we couldn’t have been more proud and excited to put on such a fun and energizing event within our very own walls!

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