Consumer Trend: Healthy Eating State of Mind

“Healthy” is a feeling, not a diet. 

Food is “feeling” — it’s celebration, savoring experiences, and an indulgence in self-love. According to CEB Iconoculture, today’s healthy Millennial is everything but a calorie-counting, organics-obsessed foodie. For them, healthy eating isn’t defined by rules and regimens. Instead, it’s a continuously aspirational approach to eating and living with balance. They are practicing the art of what Kate Hudson is calling “body smart” in her latest book, “Pretty Happy.”

What is “body smart”? It’s all about accepting your body while also seeing yourself as a work in progress. Millennials are tuning in to what their bodies are telling them on a daily basis and adjusting their eating and exercise accordingly. By paying attention to how the body is feeling throughout the day and honoring its natural intelligence, they give themselves what they feel they need to stay centered, strong, and feeling good — whatever that looks like for them. So think of integrating “healthy” into the Millennial lifestyle as embedding self-kindness into their daily routine.


Millenial Consumer Trend Statistics


If you want to connect with Millennials, do more than signal your brand’s functional attributes. Embrace and embody what a healthy lifestyle looks, acts, sounds, and feels like in an individualist “body smart” way.

Who’s doing it right?

Lean Cuisine is empowering women everywhere to weigh what matters. Their “Weigh This” spot features real women from all walks of life discussing their most important life achievements, from donating bone marrow to celebrating a long and happy marriage — emphasizing that there are some things in life that just can’t be weighed by a scale.


Key Takeaways 
  • For Millennials, “healthy” is not a perfect number to be reached; rather, it is an ongoing journey of small, gradual, “body smart” improvements.
  • When it comes to eating and exercise, “healthy” is whatever your body feels it’s missing at any point in time.
  • Balance and flexibility outweigh counting calories and cutting food groups.
Let’s Get Meaningful

How can these insights be relevant to your brand, regardless of who your audience and your market is? Ask yourself these questions:

  • Is your message focused on the functional benefits of your brand only? How can you communicate the emotional benefits of your brand that are most meaningful for your audience?
  • What part of your brand DNA — what’s most true to your organization — can connect to today’s individualist, “body smart,” healthy mindset?
  • Is your brand delivering a meaningful or different message of self-kindness in any way? If not, how can it?


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