Three organizations become one.

Following two significant acquisitions, Vendavo was ready to shift market perceptions among their target midsize and Fortune 500 B2B customers around the globe. Instead of being seen as a legacy provider of price optimization tools, they were prepared to be an agile, SaaS-based market leader delivering a groundbreaking, end-to-end commercial excellence solution.

They also knew that success hinged on uniting and inspiring three teams dispersed across six continents around a common vision, brand promise, and core values. Vendavo’s CMO said to us, “If all we get is a prettier logo and PowerPoint template, we’ve failed.”

Key Insight

The new Vendavo brand needed to showcase the established strength and stability of the legacy Vendavo brand as well as the speed and agility of younger SaaS acquisitions Navetti and Endeavor. And Swedish firm Navetti had just gone through their own stylish branding exercise — so we better give them something they could be excited about.

Consensus Building

Consensus building was crucial to the success of the newly unified Vendavo brand. Each of the three organizations engaged key stakeholders from around the globe as “co-creators” of the new brand and culture through discovery, brand workshops, and key approval checkpoints.

Brand Expression

The new visual brand for Vendavo needed to infuse  trustworthy strength with a new feeling of nimbleness, agility, and exponential forward growth.

Building team culture and common core values.

We worked with Vendavo’s Chief People Officer to embed the culture and values system into each of Vendavo’s five global headquarters. We developed a series of installations with interactive components to facilitate values education, culture building, and team integration.

Employee Enrollment

We partnered with Vendavo’s Chief Marketing Officer to launch the new brand at their annual global sales event, Vendavo Velocity, held in Fort Worth, TX. Together we developed a “brand passport” and gift set to empower and energize each employee to be an ambassador of their new brand vision.


Following the rebrand effort, Vendavo has delivered a series of record-setting quarters in spite of the disrupted global economic landscape. And in the first half of 2020, Vendavo saw a 54% lift in SaaS revenue compared to the second half of 2019.