Navigating Change, Setting Direction


The university space is becoming increasingly competative as the Millenial boom begins to wane. Generation We carries a fear of the financial future and a cautious consumer attitude.

Point Loma needed to solidify its position as an academically prestigious university, well worth the cost of tuition.



As we dug into the unique DNA of Point Loma, we discovered a unique philosophy around the idea of “calling,” one that sets students on a lifelong path to excellence and significance.

We helped craft a strategic model around the intersection of academic excellence, and the pursuit of calling that centers the entire university around the philosophy.

Increased Applications locally and regionally.
Increased Applications locally and regionally.
Increased Applications locally and regionally.

We centered around the promise PLNU can make to their student of “fully becoming who you are called to be.”

The brand platform we created gives cues for centering on the type of character, community, academics and tangible benefits of attending PLNU.

“SIGNAL went above and beyond to foster a collaborative partnership. We were empowered not just with resources – but with training and mentorship.”
Michele Trent, Director of Marketing, PLNU

Our rigourous process of creating Signals then helped translate those ideas into visualizable expressions – deepening and clarifying the brand foundation.


The logo was updated to reference the equity existing in their previous mark, while adding an additional story element to it. Slightly updated and clarified the brand colors.

“SIGNAL has revolutionized the way we talk about our school […] we are better equipped than we’ve ever been to speak to a new generation.”
Bob Brower, PLNU


We developed an entirely new system of graphics for use across all expressions of the brand – as well as guidelines on when to use more or less “intense” elements to give scalability from undergraduate to alumni events.

We delivered a 200 page standards manual and did trainigns on how to use it – unlike many manuals, this one doesn’t just sit on a shelf, but is used a s adaily reference by the university graphics team.


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Key Insight

“Calling” is not a static concept but rather a journey toward meaning.

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