Starting Fresh to Develop a Meaningful Mascot

Having recently completed Moody’s organization-wide rebrand, SIGNAL was uniquely positioned to update the athletics identity and bring a new mascot to life.

The Moody Archers have had several mascots over the years but nothing that had a lasting resonance in the minds of students or faculty. We needed to start from the ground up, diving into the meaning behind the name “Archers.”



The name Archers refers to a physical archway that opens toward the city of Chicago and has a story around leaving the school to go serve the city. “Leaving to serve” is, needless to say, a difficult concept to embody in a mascot.

In looking for a new mascot, the idea of “a relentless pursuit, seeking to serve” seemed to be best embodied in by the sheepdog. Sheepdogs are powerful, athletic, and relentlessly focused on protecting and serving the sheep in their care. Thus the idea of “Archie” came to life.


Drawing the sheepdog

Rather than representing a particular breed, we honed in on the physical attributes of the most athletic looking sheepdogs, like German Shepherds and Collies to capture what made them feel focused and strong.


Having recently completed the rebrand for Moody Global Ministries, and Moody Bible Institute, we tied the athletics system into the overall university brand, using the same typefaces, colors and some similar shapes. The Moody Archers logos have a suite of options to use in various situations, formats and colors. A contained version of the mascot mirrors the Moody Global oval shape. A separate shield version was created for the soccer team in particular.


We matched the oval containment shape with Moody Global containment.


“The ‘Archers’ is a unique name and we wanted to keep it because it has been our identity for decades. Up until now, we did not have a mascot that represented the name and heart of our student-athletes.”
-Daniel Dunn, Athletic Director, Moody

Recognized in LogoLounge Vol. 10