Creating a New Concept for a Changing Workforce

As one of the world’s largest and oldest fraternal orders, The Loyal Order of the Moose started to suffer from a precipitous decline in membership affecting all service organizations — from the nineties to this day. Moose wanted to continue to resonate, and to support working families for another hundred years. They had to do something new – but they didn’t know what that should be.




With the growth of flexible work comes exciting new opportunities, and new challenges. The support and practicality of an office environment is disappearing, childcare options don’t cater to varied needs, and finding food and beverage options that are nutritious and convenient has become increasingly difficult.

SIGNAL dug deeply into the history and genetic code of Moose, to identify what is true to the organization that drove loyalty for generations. Reframing it for a new generation: working families with young children, facing a changing lifestyle without services that meet their needs, Lodgic was created to provide support to every aspect of the working family life.

Rendering by BHDM Design: Interior Design


Our Signal process for this project conjured four complementary but distinct concepts into being, with a centric USP of “a provider of seamlessness”. Built upon the values of community, and caring for families, children and workers, we gave cues for the type of energy, services, food, and environment members and visitors could expect to benefit from when using Lodgic Everyday Community.


Becoming its own umbrella brand for unique offerings necessitated a unifying look and feel with appeal for several demographics. With so many target consumers to serve, more than one concept was required to fulfill the visions and goals of the master brand.



With a fully developed brand platform, SIGNAL worked with brand partners to create the vast amount of collateral needed to launch a physical location. From stationery to signage, and marketing to menus, the path to opening the first Lodgic Everyday Community was laid.


SIGNAL is leading the complete development team, bringing the total multi-million-dollar Lodgic experience to life. Summer 2018 marks the grand opening of the first location, with at least four more to come in the next two years.


“The SIGNAL team ceaselessly surprises and provokes with actionable insight to take abstract ideas and make them real.

-David Vermeesh, Executive Project Lead, Lodgic Everyday Community

Heyer Performance — Food & Beverage Consultants
BHDM — Interior Design
JCJ Architects — Architecture
Revenue River — Web Design and Development