Moose International is one of the world’s largest and oldest fraternal orders and service organizations. But by the 1990s, all service organizations saw a precipitous decline in membership that continues today. The CEO knew that Moose had to do something completely new to create a new revenue engine and be relevant for another hundred years — but didn’t know what it should be.


We dug deeply into Moose’s genetic code to identify what is True to the organization that drove loyalty for generations and reframed it for a new generation. We created Lodgic Everyday Community, the first-ever blend of productivity-boosting coworking (Lodgic Workplace), flexible on-demand childcare (Lodgic Kids Camp), all-day modern comfort food and drink (Everyday Kitchen Restaurant, Bar & Cafe), and all-inclusive best-in-class events (Lodgic Events) all in one seamless, hospitality-forward environment.


We led all aspects of brand development and launch, successfully bringing the total brand experience to life for Moose International across three thriving locations: Champaign, IL (opened 2018), Madison, WI (2020), and Louisville, KY (2021). The organization is currently exploring opportunities for expansion in new markets.

Four Brands. One Destination. Limitless Possibilities.

Elevated modern comfort food with a whole lot of Louisville flair.
Wisconsin-style comfort with a modern twist.
Where Midwest comfort meets culinary delight.

Every time you choose Lodgic and its brands, you’re making good things happen for others, too. 100% of proceeds are reinvested in good works locally and nationally. Together, we do a little good every day.



Cheryl and her team at SIGNAL make brand work actionable and useful — far beyond the marketing function often associated with branding. SIGNAL’s rigor in research and ability to define a brand through their unique platform format — which then serves as a cohesive filter for experiential, operational, and financial decisions — has proven an effective tool and ‘North Star’ to our restaurant work and the development of the project overall.

-Julia Heyer, Principal Restaurant Consultant, Heyer Performance

Corgan – Architecture and Interiors
BHDM — Interior Design (Champaign)
Corgan – Interior Design (Madison, Louisville)
Sarah Jane Webb – Photography
Marc Piscotty – Photography
Sara Rounsavall – Food Styling