Hard-won lessons on turning failure into significance.

After a failed $2.25B (AUS) takeover bid of his family’s 150-year-old media empire, Warwick Fairfax stepped back to examine his losses, come to terms with the experience, and turn his hard-earned lessons into a beacon of hope for others ready to move forward from failure or loss. We partnered with him to turn his uniquely powerful story and lessons learned into a brand designed to help others emerging from their own crucibles to achieve a reinvigorated sense of purpose and significance.

Key Insight

The resonant heart of Warwick’s story was not his failure, but his journey to a new life of significance. What can we learn from our failures, great or small, that can help us take a great leap forward?

The answer was a unique framework of self-illumination based on uncovering how individuals are uniquely designed, articulating a new vision for each life, and charting an actionable course for turning that vision into reality.

Brand Building

Crucible Leadership’s brand needed to feel like a timeless philosophy within a modern context. We developed a suite of brand elements that honored the balance of old and new while telling a dynamic story of transformation through color and shape.

Growing an Audience

We have created a multifaceted platform for Crucible Leadership that has driven exponential month-over-month growth of his engaged audience. We expanded the reach of the brand via video, a successful podcast (“Beyond the Crucible”), a customized assessment tool, downloadable offerings, social media, email outreach, and much more.


The Crucible Leadership website serves as a hub for various offerings and engagement points, and allows users to connect to the big-picture philosophy as well as find practical resources to help them overcome their own crucible moments.

Brand Introduction Story


brand video


Developing a podcast was a key move to extend Warwick’s reach and build his audience. We created the concept, named the podcast, made the cover art, and spearheaded the production team that brought it to life.


Social Media

We set growth targets, developed the consumer engagement channels that Crucible Leadership needed to grow brand awareness, and led content creation that would attract new audiences and keep them coming back for more.



With a steady progression of audience engagement, Warwick has grown his platform over 2000% and, as a result, has secured publication for his first book, to be released in 2021.


Gary Schneeberger – PR

Shelby Feistner – Website Development

Hidden Woods — Video Production

Right Turn Media – Podcast Production