Bring Hospitality to Your Brand

Hospitality is not just an industry — it’s a service philosophy that values heartfelt experience in action. A hospitality-focused consumer engagement should always be welcoming and easy — leaving your audience feeling satisfied and cared for.

What is a hospitality-focused brand experience?

Infusing hospitality into your brand creates opportunity to evoke genuine emotional engagement, deepening and strengthening the connection between brand and consumer. True hospitality is delivered through your brand experience when you find ways to exceed your customers’ expectations, time after time. Read more about how you can visually signal hospitality to your audience.

Why is it important to apply the practices of hospitality to your brand?
  1. It creates raving fans. 
    The way you treat all of your audiences impacts the type of relationship they choose to have with you. People don’t just love brands that deliver the services they want — they love brands who treat them well, consistently.
  2. It drives more engagement. 
    Welcome your audiences with friendliness, warmth, and inclusiveness. People remember the things that make them feel satisfied and taken care of.  Such thoughtfulness leaves them wanting to return to that experience again and again.
  3. It generates chatter.
    People trust other people — this is true across industries, vertical markets, and consumer-driven communities. If you deliver satisfying and memorable experiences to your clients and customers, they will talk! According to a Temkin Group study, 77% of customers will recommend a company to their friends after having a positive experience with it.
How can you incorporate hospitality into your brand?

Treating your audiences with care, warmth, and welcoming is the very definition of hospitality — and making them feel heard and appreciated is key. You can practice hospitality through a number of ways, but at the top of the list are your customer service experience, utilizing user-generated content, and personalized interactions.

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